After a tan all of your friends will ENVY? AVIVA labs is where it’s at…  1st of all you need to book in for a full body Spray tan with one of our therapists then check out our amazing range of after care products to maintain your tan.

Envy stocks the following AVIVA labs products:

– Tan Extender (skin glow)

– Moisturiser (skin Soft)

– Exfoliator

– Tan Restore Gel

– Shower Glow body wash

Aviva Labs Skin Glow Tan Enhancer

Voted Most popular product at ENVY!

The skin glow enhancing cream penetrates deeply, complementing your body’s natural chemistry to produce a youthful healthy glow! It will perfect and prolong your most attractive tan.

Designed for all skin types, apply liberally to face and body to moisturize skin and maintain a fresh looking tan.

This is a must needed product to enhance your tan!

“I Recommend everyone leaving ENVY with a bottle of skin glow in their bag, it will give you amazing results!” – Emma at ENVY

Please note: This product is designed to be applied after your first shower then daily afterwards. You need to ensure you are washing your hands after application to avoid tan developing onto the palms of hands.

Aviva Labs Skin Moisturising cream

Balance Science and Nature with another perfectly poised formulation from Aviva Labs. The cream applies lightly, holds moisture in place and imbues your skin with velvet softness all day. Designed for all skin types

Use Daily for best results!

Shower Glow – Body Wash

DHA infused body wash designed to hold the colour of your tan and prevent fading. So many body washes strip the tan from your skin and leave the skin looking patchy – use the AVIVA shower glow to keep your tan looking natural. The non drying foaming cleanser is formulated with all natural plant derived ingredients and a carefully measured dose of DHA (the same ingredient used in spray tan solution to develop your tan). It gentley removes dirt and impurties from the skin leaving a soft smooth glow.

Tan Restore – Sunless tanning gel

A Hypoallergenic, oil free, alcohol free and vitamin infused formula. Tan restore is the must have product for cliens who love tanning! – The best product to use to develop a natural looking tan on the face or body, use when you have a tan for extra colour or in between your spray tans to develop a natural looking colour at home. Tan will develop within 8 hours, in this time excercise and showering is avoided.

A great travel buddy

Suitable for all skin types

Aviva Labs Exfoliant

Are you finding your tan hard to scrub off?

Wanting to start fresh before your next tan?

Aviva labs formulations protect and perfect your skin. Our fine – grained pecan shell exfoliant works deep to cleanse build up and oils. Apply it as a fresh start before using other Aviva Labs products.

Designed for all skin types

tanGO – Tan Removal Cloth

A NEW Polyamide cloth used to remove excess spray tan. Wet me, Squeeze me, rub me after your shower, make sure you tanGO cloth is damp before using. Starting with your ankles and feet, rub with a firm upwards motion. Continue with hips, arms and elbows, followed by the rest of the body. Be gentle on the neck and decolletage areas.

tanGO may be used on a daily basis to ensure spray tan remains natural looking. tanGO is so gentle on the skin it will not scratch or irritate.

“For stubborn tan Removal use the tanGO removal cloth”

tanGO – Tan Removal Glove

From the makers of the world’s first sunless tan removal cloth, designed to remove pigment based tans such as sunless or spray tans. Gently removes the tanning product from the skin without damaging or scrubbing your skin. The perfect preparation product before having your spray tan.

Pro Tip: For best results dampen glove before use DO NOT use cloth when it is dripping wet.

tanGO – Tan Removal Mitt

One of the best products every tanner needs, the tan removal mitt works by being a rougher surface on the skin. Much like an exfoliating glove but it wont leave your skin feeling red raw!

Pro Tip: For best results jump in the shower wet your tanGO mitt then jump out of the shower exfoliate your whole body, then get back into the shower and watch as all the built up tan easily washes away.