Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.. at Envy we want to make you all look and feel beautiful in your own way…


Both males and females are welcome at ENVY to have all their waxing and tinting needs done. ENVY uses both hot and strip wax in our treatments.

Please see our price list regarding treatments we offer by clicking the “services” tab on the home page


Manicures and pedicures are very popular for tired hands and feet. Let us help you relax with a 1 hour manicure or pedicure includes foot spa, massage & exfoliation. We have a large range of OPI Nail Polish to choose a colour from to have your nails painted at the end of your treatment. Clients may also choose to upgrade mani and pedi services to shellac application or Bio Gel on hands and toes.


Dermalogica is our main skin care  range stocked at ENVY, the full range is available to purchase in salon. Book in for an Express Facial or Micro Zone treatment to experience the range for yourself.

Micro Zoning treatments

Get on the spot skin solutions with microZone treatments. Our expert skin therapists will analyse your skin then perform a concern specific treatment designed to solve your skin problems in 20mins. MicroZone treatments are just the quick fix for troubled skin, and they’re the ideal maintenance service between Dermalogica skin treatments.

Express Facials 

For Quick Express results the Express facial is designed for you! With ENVY being a busy salon we like treatments where clients can see the results fast! Cleanse, exfoliate, treat, tone and moisturise – leave ENVY knowing you have made a difference to your skin. Our therapists will give you a home skin care regime so you can continue to see the results from your facial.

Bio Active Peel

Dermalogica’s BioActive Peel is a great way to improve your skins texture. It’s unique multi phase approach powerfully targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne. NO scarring. NO downtime

Charcoal Masque

Charcoal rescue masque is a great pick me up treatment to add to any facial service. Masque detoxifies, Brightens and invigorates all skin conditions. SIGN ME UP!!



CND SHELLAC – Goes on like a nail polish and sets under the UV lamp, shellac looks like gel but wears more as a non chip nail polish. No more drying time and no more chipped nails! What more could you ask for?? Available in a range of colours.

ENVY also stocks a range of OPI nail polish for those clients who would still like a regular nail paint on hands or toes.


Have you always dreamed of long lashes?

Lash Design Eyelash Extensions are a mixture of silk and synthetic fibres which are attached to your natural lash resulting in longer, thicker lashes that look natural but very luscious and glamorous! Lashes last between 2-4 weeks (your natural lash cycle is 6-8weeks), we recommend after your first application to pop back in for refills in 2-3 weeks, this gives the technician a chance to learn your natural lash growth.



Eye lashes can be applied in various sizes 8,10, 11,12, 13mm depending on the final look you are after& clients natural lash length. We never over extend the length more than 30% over natural lash length.

Before your appointment

  • remove contact lenses
  • remove ALL eye makeup (mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner etc)
  • try to avoid caffeine before your lash appointment as it makes it harder to relax the eyes
  • arrive 5-10mins early if it is your first lash appointment to full out the necessary paperwork

During your appointment

  • Turn mobile phones on silent
  • have children looked after – your eyes will be closed the entire time
  • lie down, relax and try to remain quiet as the eyes will move/flicker as you talk

After your appointment

  • Do not wet the eyes for 24 hours after application
  • Avoid eye makeup for 24hours
  • To extend the life of your Lash Design Eyelashes please ensure you DO NOT use mascara, makeup removers or cosmetics around the eyes which contain oils, as this can interfere with the lash glue breaking the bond. We do recommend “lash Essence” clear mascara $39.95 this product is applied daily and keeps your natural lashes healthy.
  • You MUST remember to brush your lashes through everyday.
  • cleanse them daily (with an oil free cleanser) as bacteria can build up on lashes and around your eye area if you are not following a proper cleansing routine, just because you have lash extensions doesn’t mean you should avoid cleansing the eye area. You should be doing it more to keep the lashes clean and healthy – we recommend “Prolong Lash” $29.95 an eyelash extension cleanser, it is amazing!!

For more information or to make a booking with Emma or Laura please contact the salon on 9328 8322

Please Note: Clients must have removed glasses and contact lenses and leave no mascara or eye makeup around the eyes prior to Lash application.




Lash Extension After Care

Lash Extension After Care


Pro long lash – $29.95 (oil free lash cleanser to remove makeup and impurities)

Lash Essence – $39.95 (clear mascara adds moistures and nutrients back to weak and brittle lashes)


Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Step 1 – PROTECT your natural growth cycle and reduce extension loss by avoiding oil based products.

Step 2 – PROLONG your extension life using Prolong lash oil free cleanser daily to remove makeup, residue, dead skin cells and debris from extensions.

Step 3 – MAINTAIN your extensions with Lash Essence a clear mascara to promote healthy lash growth. Remember to schedule your lash refills to maintain optimum effect.


NEW – LiLash

We are so excited to announce that ENVY is now an authorised stockist of the AMAZING Eyelash Serum LiLash….

“Using breakthrough technology, LiLash conditions and fortifies lash follicles for greater length and curl within weeks. The results are mesmerizing and women are

celebrating their eyelashes all over the globe.”

Apply to your lash line once daily, use before bedtime for best results.

Formulated by a cosmetic surgeon, Ophthalmologist tested, the purified serum is safe for all to enjoy, including those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. LiLash never tests on animals and The product is paraben free.

LiLash simplifies your daily beauty routine. Fewer coats of mascara will produce greater length, curl, and separation with less clumping. Individuals with lash extensions experience less natural lash breakage and greater follicle support, allowing them to enjoy their extensions for longer.

 Li Lash – $106 per tube (lasts up to 3 months)