” Get a healthy glow all year round at ENVY “

Spray Tanning is a great way to not only look great but feel great too! Who doesn’t love a sunkissed tan, which is free from UV damage?! At Envy we stock Aviva labs, Aussie Bombshell and Sunescape tanning solutions. Express or 6-8 hour tans are available. If you have an event coming up spray tan is your MUST HAVE accessory!!

SPRAY TANS – $40 each


We don’t recommend double spray unless you are after a stage tan – as a double spray does not fade as evenly


1. AVIVA Labs our #1 tanning brand

At ENVY Makeup Tan and Beauty Bar, we use AVIVA labs spray tan the product is fragrance free as well as alcohol free, so it will not leave a nasty odour or dry out your skin. Aviva labs manufacture their own products with your health and safety in mind, using only superior, essential and natural ingredients. Aviva is one of the best sunless tanning products on the market, it gives that instant holiday glow.

It comes in 5 different DHA levels (Dihydroxyacetone=the active ingredient, studies have shown it will only penetrate the top layers of the skin) , perfect for everyone and dries instantly with a developing time between 6-8 hours.

Did you know the DHA in every Aviva Labs products is organic Ecocert-certified DHA, the highest grade and closest to USDA organic available? This means it’s the safest, best quality for your skin.

AVIVA LABS also does not contain nasty ingredients like Brown HT which are found in many Australian Spray Tans but banned in the USA. This ingredient may provoke allergic reactions in asthmatics, people sensitive to aspirin, and other sensitive individuals, and may induce skin sensitivity.

Your AVIVA tan will last anywhere between 5-10 days depending on how well you look after it!  Using the AVIVA tan enhancer will ensure you have your tan looking its best for as long as possible.

Aviva spray tans start at $40, in return you will receive a VIP spray tanning card, which will entitle you to discounts on your 4th and 5th visits. You receive 15% off on the 4th tan and 25% on the 5th one.

Finish the card and receive 50% off your next Aviva spray tan!!

Spray tan prep

Before spray tanning we suggest our clients to exfoliate well with an Aviva exfoliator to prep the skin and eliminate any dry skin or oils. Waxing and shaving should be done 24hours prior to spray tanning. Please ensure you have removed all deodorant, perfumes and moisturisers before arriving at ENVY.

After Care

Do not wet the skin and avoid activities that could cause perspiration before showering. You must leave the tan to develop for the required time for maximum results. Once the tan has developed the top layer of bronzer will wash off in the shower, pat the skin dry avoid rubbing. Then apply your moisturiser or tan extender daily.

Please note: The use of hot baths, chlorinated pools and spas will reduce the life of your tan. Spray tanning does NOT provide sun protection you MUST wear sunscreen.


Express Tan – For the ultimate natural tan…Are you wanting to achieve a light natural glow in the shortest time possible! Look no further Aviva Labs has just released the new express tan. If you don’t have time to wait for a tan to develop this is perfect for you.

We recommend the tan for:

Mothers on the run

Anyone going out that night and want a very natural tan instantly that day!

The busy men and women on the go

The express tan will last 5 – 7days. Making sure you are using the tan extender cream will ensure you will get the maximum results out of your spray tan. The Aviva express tan has a higher concentration of DHA so the developing time is shortened.

Developing time is anywhere between 2 – 3 hours before showering then the tan will develop to its full colour 8 hours after the shower.

*Please note* bronzer will look dark on the skin, after your first shower you may see most of this bronzer disappear and the tan will be very natural! However you may find the colour gets darker in the hours following.

Please ensure you DO NOT use any scrubs or body washes with your first shower, as the products can strip the tan from the skin.


Aviva City Collection

Turn up the heat with 2 colours from AVIVA Labs sunless tanning.. experience the likes of MIAMI or HONOLULU. This super Express range offers clients the chance to have a spraytan then shower after 1 hour! For maximum results and to achieve a deep dark tan we recommend leaving on the skin to develop for 2-3hours.

Both Cities have a unique undertone to the solution and various results can be achieved

MIAMI – Chocolate Brown undertone suits clients who already have a dark/deep undertone to the skin. Not recommended for clients who are paler. Great for Body builders and dancers who want a dark stage tan but to last several days. – Double coat of Miami is great for stage lights

HONOLULU – The darkest of spray tans, with a warm golden undertone this tan is perfect for that deep dark tan.


Shimmer Shots

Add Sparkle, shimmer and shine to any full body tan – available in 3 shades, the best accessory to stand out from the crowd. Applied the day after your tan has developed and you have washed off the top layer of bronzer. Spray on “Gold”, “Silver” or “Go Wild” for instant sparkle!!

Fun fact: AVIVA labs was chosen as the spray tan specialists for the 2012 season on channel 7’s “dancing with the stars!”

images     img_1225964536_15059_1242705342_mod_280_81


2. AUSSIE BOMBSHELL – Sunless Spray tan

Aussie Bombshell is an Australian Brand with a mission to create sexy and sophisticated sun – smart lifestyle products. Designed for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes,to feel and look like an Aussie Bombshell.  Founder of Aussie Bombshell is Penni Towner, she had a vision to create an iconic brand that is inspired by the Australian beach culture, particularly that of her home town Perth WA.

A fast Drying express forumla spray tan available in 3 DHA levels 10%, 12% and the darkest created 15%.

– Oil Free

– Paraben free

– Alcohol free

– Hypoallergenic

– Proudly made in Australia


Does sunless tanning protect you from the sun?

No sunless spray tans do not protect against UV rays you MUST wear sunscreen

Is sunless tanning safe?

Yes, DHA Dihydroxyacetone the active ingredient in spray tan is approved by the FDA as a safe agent to colour the skin.

How do i prep my skin?

Shaving and waxing needs to be done 24 hours prior to spraytan, the skin must be free of all deodorants, perfumes and moisturisers (leaving these products on the skin will turn areas green). Exfoliation needs to be completed prior to tan to remove dry skin to ensure tan lasts longer use an exfoliating glove.

How long does it take to be applied and develop?

Spray tans take 10 – 15mins to apply, dry off etc. Development time will depend on the colour desired.

Will the spray tan stain my clothes?

It is recommended you wear loose dark clothing for your Aussie Bombshell spray tan as it does contain a higher level of bronzer. Bronzer will wash out of clothing and sheets.

How long does a spray tan last?

Each individual clients skin is different, therefore results will vary. For best results prep the skin correctly then apply moisturiser daily to maintain a smooth natural look to the skin. Most tans last roughly 7 days.




3. Sunescape


sunecape logo

sunescape is your ticket to that post-holiday glow, without leaving home. Its lush coconut vanilla scent was also developed to conjure thoughts of the perfect tropical escape. After a sunescape tan, people will be asking you “where have you been?”

Available in 2 shades “Week in Fiji” and “Month in Maui”

Both colours are rapid tans which can be washed off the skin after 2 hours.

 sunescape - back shot    

  ‘Week in Fiji’ will give an instant self-esteem boost and have you looking 5kgs lighter! This ‘destination’ will give you a natural, healthy, holiday tan that is suitable for most skin tones and great for any occasion.

 ‘Month in Maui’ will develop into a deep, dark bronze and have you looking like you’ve enjoyed an extended, sun-soaked holiday. If you want a dramatic result, along with a major confidence boost, this is your colour. Perfect for clients who like a Dark tan.



sunescape also offers a range of homecare tanning products…

Week in Fiji and Month in Maui mousse – $39.95

Applicator mit – $9.95

Hydrating Body Butter – $29.95

Gradual tanner Gel – $35.00

Hydrating shower gel – $19.95

Tan Removal mit – $19.95

sunescape travel bag and items – $119.95 (shower gel, tan mousse, applicator and removal mits, gradual tanner)

sunescape soy candles – $36.00 (available in 4 scents)




4. Spray Aus


“We don’t do orange. We do sun kissed. A beautiful sun kissed tan that radiates a healthy glow. And we believe that having a natural tan should feel like a trip to the beach.”

Spray Aus is a combination of natural fruits, plants, oils, and extracts. Part Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Kakadu Plum for moisturising and perfuming the skin. Part Vitamin E, Walnut extract, Hazelnut extract, and Glycerin for antioxidants, colour and soothing the skin.

A Spray Aus tan will last between seven and ten days, fading out naturally and gracefully with showers and swims. It dries within three minutes of application, and – if you follow some simple instructions – won’t rub off on your clothes or between the sheets.